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October Monthly Blog

Hello and welcome to the first monthly blog, where you will be able to catch up on all the photography excitements, I have managed to get up too over the last couple of weeks. Within these blogs, I hope to share what’s new and exciting things I have coming up within Ali Watson Photography.

We will dive into some behind the scenes from some of my most recent shoots and glimpse into ones I may have coming up.

I will also be sharing competitions and discounts throughout the blogs, so keep a look out for any of them.

What’s New

Things have been a bit quiet with Ali Watson Photography over the last few months, while we have been making a few changes to the website. I have been working closely with the amazing website team at Online Designs.

One of the main changes we have made is where clients will find their personal online photograph album. Previously, clients would find these through the main website. However, we have recently moved this feature to an easier to manage platform- Pixieset.

If you have already had a photoshoot with Ali Watson Photography and have previously accessed your online client’s album through the main page, you should now have been informed about the new Clients Album page through Pixieset and been informed on how to access your new album through there.

Please note the opening times for Ali Watson Photography have changed slightly and will alter during Warwickshire term time and holidays.



Everyone loves a good freebie, and the last couple of months have seen a few freebie photoshoots taking place. During the year, I am trialing a possible community Freebie Scheme.

This will involve me providing a free photography shoot for a small number of local businesses within the community. They will then have their own access to download any of the photographs to use for their own social media pages- providing they credit Ali Watson Photography, for the work. So far, I have provided my services for a local primary school for their colour fun run, a music company for one of their regular Coffee Shop Sessions they regularly organise and a local mums and baby group. If you think you would qualify for your business or group please get in touch, I have a few more sessions available for 2023 and I am always happy to book in for 2024!



I am currently offering 10% off all packages, so please get in touch for more details.


Sponsors and Charities

I am currently looking for some sponsors for Ali Watson Photography. So please get in touch for more details and if interested.


Opening Times

That’s all for now, see you next time.


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