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Ali Watson Photography


Q- What packages do you offer?

A- All packages available can be found here


Q- Where can I find my photographs when they come available?

A- Every client will have access to a password protected Client Album on our new Gallery page through Pixieset. The photographs may also be shared on the Ali Watson Photography Facebook and Instagram pages. 

A link for the album will be emailed out to the client when the photographs are ready, along with details on how to access the album, download the photographs and how to order. 


Q- Is there an extra charge for mileage?

A- Mileage is included within all of the packages. However, a mileage charge of 45p per mile will be added after a 12-mile radius from Leamington Spa.


Q- What are the best places for the Canine Location Photography Shoot?

A- The choice of location is up to you [the client] however if you are unsure some places can include: Oakley Woods, Newbold Comyn, Chesterton Windmill near Harbury, Stratford Greenway, Ufton Fields Nature Reserve and Ufton Woods, Hatton Locks, Kenilworth Circular [Kenilworth Castle], Charlcote Park, Ryton’s Pools Country Park, Burton Dassett Hills Country Park. 
Please make sure the location you have picked is dog friendly.


Q- What kind of paints are used for the Colour Madness Package and are they safe?

A- I use the powder paints from Holi Colour Powder Paints, which is a certified safe powder coloured paint powder. These powder paints are generally sold for colour runs and festivals. The powder paints go through certificated tests to ensure their safe of use. 

Ali Watson Photography will provide a selection of colourful stylish sunglasses which can be kept at an extra charge to help prevent any powder getting into eyes. All children must be accompanied by an adult whilst attending a Powder Paint Photography Session. 

More details about the powder paint can be found at:


Q- What should I wear for the Colour Madness Photoshoot?

A- Ideally a pale-coloured T-shirt works best. However, I advise wearing clothes which you don’t mind getting messy. Although past clients have stated how well the paint washes out, I cannot guarantee it will not stain clothing. 

Q- Will the powder paint stain my pet?

A- As all coats/furs differ from each individual animal, I can’t be certain how long the paint will stay on the coat for. If you plan to paint directly onto your pet, please be aware their coat may stain for at least 2-3 weeks or longer following the event. Whereas if you are just blowing the powder around the animal, it may limit the contact. Please take this into account if you are planning a colour madness shoot before taking your pet to any shows or other events.  


Q- Does the Colour Madness Photoshoot only consist of photos with the colour powder?

A- During the session, I will begin taking some photographs without the powder paint, and gradually bring in the powder paints as we go along. 

Q- Should I bring a change of clothes for the Colour Madness Package?

A- If you would like a mixture of photographs, by all means bring a change of clothes- Please be aware that the change of clothes will take away time from the shoot, and if longer time is needed, an extra charge may be made. Please note an extra half hour is £5 and an extra hour is charged at £10.

Q- Where does the Colour Madness Photoshoot take place? 

A- These sessions are best to take place outside, the wind and rain will wash the powder away- the colour powders contain no ingredients that can harm the environment. However, some inside spaces may be suitable. 


Q- What’s a typical day for the Days Out Package?

A- Depending on whether a half or full day is booked the session will consist of one or two attractions (of client’s choice) and a range of individual and family portraits throughout the session. 


Q- Who books the Days Out attractions?

A- The client is advised to book their own tickets for the different attractions and inform the photographer of their choice[s]. The photographer will confirm the same day/time booking for the session. (Unless discussed otherwise) 


Q- What attractions are best suited for the Days Out Package?

A- The attractions can consist of any type of family activity which allows photography to take place. Some examples include: castles, farms, the zoo, parks, beaches, walks and national trusts.


Q- Can I order any prints of the photographs?

A- Every package includes at least one free 10x8” print, unless stated otherwise. More prints can be ordered at an extra charge.


Q- How much is it for extra prints? 

Ali Watson Photography

Q- Can I order the photographs in any other format?

A- Unfortunately at the moment we do not offer any other option other than the prints. However, we are currently looking into this and hoping to provide other options very soon. Please keep an eye on the page for any changes. 


Q- What is the process of ordering prints?

A- The photographs from the shoot will be uploaded into the [password protected] Clients Album site through Pixieset. Here you will be able to have a look through, download and choose which photograph[s] you would like printed. All you need to do is message these details to me. The prints will then be delivered accordingly. Please provide the name of the album you are looking at and the file name of the photograph (The file name can be found at the bottom of the photograph when clicking on the individual pictures). 


Q- Do you do weddings?

A- Unfortunately, Ali Watson Photography does not provide a photography service for weddings. 


If you have any other questions which may not have been answered above, please do not hesitate to get in touch. 

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