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May Monthly Blog


What’s New

The Leamington Spa Photographic Society (LSPS) has recently had an exhibition going on at All Saints Church in town. It finishes on the 5th of May, so by the time I get round to posting this, it will no doubt be over. But I was able to take a trip down before it came to an end. There was a range of very interesting and talented photographs on display, and it did give me the buzz to get my camera out. We were able to speak to a member of the society, and with the opportunity for photography meetings, trips and competitions, I’ve registered my interest for when they start up again. It sounds like there is a bit of a waiting list, so we shall see what happens when I get more details about joining.

Other News (Away from photography)

Away from photography, one of my other passions is singing, and for roughly over eleven years I have had lessons on and off with a range of different teachers. In 2016 I began having lessons with my current singing teacher and on the 20th April 2024, I took part in a concert “A Night At The Movies”. This took me well and truly out of my comfort zone, and I took part in four group songs, including a small solo in one of them (of which was the first in a very long time) Although it wasn’t how I had hoped it would go for a solo, I am still pretty proud of myself for doing it. Singing in front of an audience is different to singing to one person within a lesson and I am my own worst critic.


 Bluebell Photoshoots seem to be becoming more and more popular over the years, and although I am still yet to offer some bluebell sessions, they are something I hope to offer next year. With the delicate flowers only lasting from late March to early May, we’ve not got much longer left for them. But if you are hoping to get your own bluebell photoshoot under way, here’s some tips.

The most important one of all is to be careful not to damage the flowers, bluebells are a delicate plant and are a protected species, which means, no picking, no uprooting, no trampling. So be careful when visiting any areas with bluebells.

What to wear: When photographing a subject within the bluebells you want to make sure your outfits don’t clash with the flowers themselves. With this in mind you might want to consider taking inspiration from nature and follow its lead with neutral colours- whites, creams, greys, light pastel colours. Or if you want to stand out, think about the complementary colours, such as yellows, reds and oranges. Avoid dark and dominant colours such as blacks, browns and greens to avoid getting lost amongst the flowers.



The freebie sessions for this year are still available for booking, so if you have a business or organization which you think may qualify, please get in touch to discuss more.

Work for the NHS? Receive 10% off any photography services! PROOF will be needed.

Recommend Ali Watson Photography to friends or family and receive 10% of any product- whether it’s another photography session or extra prints



We’ve not got long left for the competition closing date. You have still got a few days left to enter. Head over to Ali Watson Photography on Facebook page for more info on how to enter.  The competition is open until Saturday 18th May 2024


Sponsors and Charities


I am looking for up to four sponsors for Ali Watson Photography, one sponsor for each main package offered (two for Portraits and one each for equines and canines).

Please get in touch for more information or refer back to previous blog posts where more information has been given.



As the business develops, I hope to introduce a charity scheme. Wherewith ever photography shoot booked 10% of the fees will be donated to a charity. As a small business I would ideally like to donate to small local charities, so if you have any suggestions, please let me know. If I can, I would like the charities to link closely to the different photography sessions I offer (so anything which would support children, young people and families, canines and animals and any equine charities).


Photography Shared

I decided to have a play with editing some older photographs at the end of April and completed a few family photoshoots. Here’s some of the highlights.


Opening Times

 Slight change to the upcoming school holiday dates- 25th May 2024 to 1st June 2024

That’s all for now, see you next time.


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