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December Monthly Blog

I started writing this post at the beginning of December, in hope to get it out before the Christmas celebrations took hold. But one reason or another it’s been put on hold until now- so better late than never. For December the weather has been very strange, and the question of snow has been few and far between, there has been the odd time I’ve felt it was cold enough and the sky has looked somewhat strange but thankfully we’ve managed to avoid the flutter of white stuff.  

We’re now in that limbo time between Christmas and New Year so I am hoping to take my camera for a spin. I look forward to sharing any interesting snaps in the next newsletter.


What’s New

I am currently following my holiday opening hours for the next couple of weeks. These will be until the 7th January, so please be aware of this if you want to book a session. The opening hours can be found at the bottom of the newsletter.



The Freebie sessions for next year are still being booked in, so if you have a business or organization which you think may qualify for a free session, please get in touch to discuss more.


Competition and discounts

We have a 10% Christmas discount until the end off January, so get in touch to receive 10% of your winter photoshoot.


Sponsors and Charities

More about being a Sponsor for Ali Watson Photography.

I am looking for up to four sponsors for Ali Watson Photography, these include equine, canine, baby and family. With one sponsor from each category.

For each sponsor will have access to up to three free photo shoots throughout the year of 2024, with a choice of when these photoshoots will take place. For the equine sponsor, up to two of these shoots can be used at a local show or event.

Each sponsor will also receive access to 10+ digital downloads from a personal album at our pixieset site. This combines up to 30+ digital downloads across the year for use on social media.

On top of that Sponsors will receive a discount card to use throughout the year and one full year after the sponsorship ends.

There are no catches or hidden add-ons, all the sponsors have to do is credit Ali Watson Photography when sharing any photographs online.

Prints can be ordered at a discounted price.

Please get in touch for more information on each sponsorship


Photography Shared

This section is where I will share some of my favourite or exciting photographs over the past month.


Opening Times

That’s all for now, see you next time.


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